About Us


Ground Work is a new nonprofit organization in Arizona that is dedicated to promoting optimal health and emotional well-being for children through supportive relationships, strong families, and connection to their community.  Ground Work aims to increase the capacity of high quality mental health services available for young children. Groundwork was founded by 2 Licensed Clinical Social Workers who specialize in treatment for young children.  


Promote the well-being of children and families by increasing access to  high quality mental health services.


Where all children and families have access to mental healthcare and a connection to their community.


We advocate for equity, inclusion and social justice.  We work toward optimal health for all children through strong families, nurturing relationships, and community connections.  

Urgent Need 

(as a result of COVID-19 these numbers have increased) 

The conditions that affect children’s mental health across Arizona are in a crisis.  There is a critical shortage of mental health providers to serve children (Arizona is ranked 47th).  The coronavirus pandemic has upended families’ economic security and has had a detrimental impact on children’s emotional well being and social connections.  According to the 2019 Census Bureau, there were 809,000 people in Arizona without health insurance.  As a result of the pandemic many children have experienced a decline in mental health, family relationships, community connections, friendships, housing stability, food security and educational opportunities.   Without health insurance, many families in Arizona do not have the resources needed to obtain counseling services to help them cope and thrive during this stressful time. Ground Work aims to remove barriers so that all Arizona children and families have access to counseling services when needed.